What is on this site?

Blogging is a fairly new adventure for me and I am really excited to see where this goes.  My Intentional Blogging instrutor says I need to choose between Personal and Topical themes.  Personal means sharing real life feelings and experiences and to a certain extent so does Topical, but Topical does not really get down and dirty into personal experiences.  However getting down and dirty in regards to revealing the story is key to having an interesting blog. 
Traveling to different places is one of my dreams and I have had a few dream trips in my life.  Mind you some of those dream trips could also be classified as nightmares. 
I want to share both dream and nightmare with you and let you be the judge as to how you would handle those experiences. 
Travel means more than distant places.  It isn't always getting on a bus, airplane, train, car, motorcycle or even a pedal bike and going to far away places.  Travel is anything that takes us from point A to point B and sometimes point C or D which might even be in the way of a dream, a song or a story. 
Travel could even mean a trip of the heart.  Learning about diffierent cultures, beliefs, understandings, or just simply learning a new way of thinking.
I am hoping to help my readers travel without even leaving home.